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An Elixir for Existence. [entries|friends|calendar]

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Introducing myself [05 Feb 2010|08:56pm]

[ mood | satisfied ]

name: Giulia
age: 15
country: Italy
favourite song by SIRENIA: Maybe Star-crossed, but unsure..
Other bands: Mortemia, Tristania, Epica...

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community [11 Jun 2008|12:43pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

a community about Morten!!!! only about him!!


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[01 Jun 2008|11:47am]

[ mood | energetic ]

 name: Giulia
age: 14
country: Italy
favourite song by SIRENIA: Meridian, Manic Aeon, Euphoria, Star-crossed, Seven keys and nine doors... but I love all their songs!!!
other bands: Tristania with Morten, Nightwish, Epica...

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New Female Lead Revealed Today [09 Apr 2008|08:53pm]

When I logged in to MySpace today, I saw Sirenia's bulletin that they would reveal the new female vocalist in a few days. I was very excited, but I failed to notice that the bulletin was in fact a few days old. So imagine my delight when I check MySpace a few hours later, and the announcement was finally made!

I wish that they had a sample of her actually singing a Sirenia song to go along with her photo, as they did when Tristania and Nightwish revealed their new female leads. (I think I read somewhere that Tuomas chose to do it that way because he did not want fans judging Annette only on her looks and not her voice.) But I am very much looking forward to listening to the new Sirenia songs. I wonder whether it will continue in the direction of Nine Destinies or if they will return to their "old sound."

Personally, I preferred the somewhat more accessible Nine Destinies, and I really liked Monika as the female lead because she had both vulnerability and attitude. Plus, I won't lie, I think she is the prettiest of the three previous female leads. (I'm not insulting Fabienne or Henriette at all; they are amazing, too.) But I'll keep my mind open -- this is a very exciting time in the career of Sirenia!

So, what does everyone else think of the announcement and the new female singer?
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Request [29 Mar 2008|02:07am]

Name: Anna
Age: 19
Other favourite bands: Nightwish, when they were good, Apocalyptica, Social D, Ramones, Lacuna Coil, many more
I have a request, peeps- anyone know where I can get hold of Sirenian Shores (the song)? Even a link would be great.
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Hello all! [22 Mar 2008|12:20am]

Name: Laura

Age: 18

Location: United States

Favourite Song by Sirenia: Seven Keys and Nine Doors

Other favourite bands: Nightwish, Leaves' Eyes

Anything else you'd like to share: I hope that you aren't too upset with me, but the only Sirenia album I own is Nine Destinies and a Downfall. I am actually not too interested in Gothic metal. I prefer symphonic metal, nothing too dark, but I think the songwriting on Nine Destinies is really wonderful. I also like Monika's voice a lot. So I might not be the most hardcore Sirenia fan out there, but I do like the third album a lot. Thanks for listening! :D
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[05 Nov 2007|05:41pm]

[ mood | crappy ]

Sirenia and Monika Pedersen have parted ways.
This is NOT NOT NOT good on Sirenia's resume...at all.

Here is Moni's statement:

"After much consideration I have chosen to leave Sirenia, but I will continue with music. The reason is, that we have too many musical differences, and I don’t feel like it’s the right band for me. I have had a great time in the band, lots of good experiences and only wish the best for the band in the future.

I want to send a big “Thank You” to all the fans for your support – you haven’t heard the last of me!"

As a result of these circumstances Sirenia will have to pull out of the planned European tour with Therion. The show in Athens will be postponed until may 2008. You have our apologies for this, Sirenia will be back on the road next year. We will use the coming months to find a new singer, as well as composing music for our next album.


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[15 Sep 2007|05:00pm]

[ mood | fangirly ]

Sirenia live in Turkey:


The Other Side , with a scary Monika fangirl screaming the whole freaking song. Beware. XD
Bunch of random songs put together.
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[10 Sep 2007|05:20pm]

[ mood | content ]

 x13 Nienke de Jong
x9 Tarja Turunen
x2 Henriette Bordvik
x13 Sirenia

x11 Sharon den Adel

x6 Sirenia banners/signatures
x1 Tristania wallpaper
x1 Angelspit signature
x1 Kimberly Goss banner
x1 Melissa Ferlaak signature
x1 Femme-metal wallpaper


right here!

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[10 Aug 2007|10:06pm]

I made a Photobucket album with all my Sirenia pics :D


I'm currently looking for more Henriette pics and the rest of the Halloween and touring photos that were once up on the official site. Help please :D And if you see anything else missing please tell me.
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Moscow 02/24/2007 [27 Jul 2007|08:52pm]

Some photos from Sirenia's gig at Moscow 02/24/2007


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[28 Jun 2007|05:50pm]

[ mood | melancholy ]

Hi everyone :)
I'm very glad to join you.

Name: Igor.

Age: 20.

Location: Russia, Moscow.

Favourite Song by Sirenia: On the Wane.

Other favourite bands: Tristania, Estatic Fear, Trail of Tears, Marilyn Manson, Dark Tranquillity, Sentenced, The Sins Of Thy Beloved, Ram-Zet, Theatre Of Tragedy and a lot more. :)

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[05 Jun 2007|12:02am]

Erm, so, I've taken to making a ton of icon bases for everyone to use. Feel free to make any icons you want with these. You don't have to credit, but if you're using the base on LJ without editing it, credit would be nice. Most of these are untouched but some of them have small edits.

7x Angela Gossow
7x Floor Jansen
6x Liv Kristine
17x Simone Simons
27x Sirenia
9x Tarja Turunen
32x Vibeke Stene

right over here
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[25 May 2007|06:01pm]

You know those old tour pics, rehearsal pics, and Halloween party pics Sirenia USED to have on their official site?
Does anyone still have these? I knew I should've saved them all while I could...
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[26 Apr 2007|10:09pm]

Thought I'd post this here...

"Making Of" videos. They're nothing too special; no talking or interviews or anything. But they're still worth a view. 

^ My Mind's Eye.

^ The Other Side.
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[26 Apr 2007|06:48pm]

omfg, BIGGEST GRAPHIC DUMP EVER. Some big stuff this time.

6x Liv Kristine
3x Tarja Turunen
4x Vibeke Stene
6x Sirenia
7x Henriette Bordvik (at special request ;P)

2x Angela Gossow

Large stuff:
5x Vibeke Stene
1x Sirenia
1x Henriette Bordvik
1x Liv Kristine
1x Tarja Turunen


right over here!
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[14 Mar 2007|09:09pm]

Err, aye, the mods here should recognize me, I believe.

Name: Morgan
Age: 14...young, I know. :P
Location: Florida
Favourite Song by Sirenia: STAR-CROSSED RIGHT NOW, OMFG. The choirs at the end are awesome.
Other favourite bands: Nightwish, Tristania (only their stuff with Morten, hah), Epica, Arch Enemy...and go check my profile for the rest. ;)
Anything else you'd like to share: I have a gi-normous crush on Morten >__>

Also, does anyone know where I can find some Sirenia icons? I'm the only one I know of that makes them constantly. >_______>
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New Sirenia Video "The Other Side" [11 Mar 2007|10:53pm]

[ mood | busy ]

This has been out a few days already, but wasn't posted here, so...

Sirenia has a new video out for "The Other Side". You can watch it under the cut!

Read more...Collapse )

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Videos! [31 Dec 2006|08:44pm]

If you don't know already, Sirenia has released the video to their first single off of Nine Destinies and a Downfall, called "My Mind's Eye". I've seen a... mixed reaction to it so far, but I kinda like it. :] Anyway, here it is:

the radio edit/single version:

also: the album version

And a little something that I uploaded to share: Live version of "Sister Nightfall". This was back from when Henriette was in the band.

Oh, and Happy New Year, guys! ♥
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Upcoming Sirenia album and new pictures! [29 Nov 2006|11:26pm]

[ mood | busy ]

*taptap* Is this thing still alive...?

Anyway, for those who don't know already, Sirenia's going to be releasing a new album next year. It's called "Nine Destinies and a Downfall", and it's set to come out on Feb. 23rd, 2007.

Here's the tracklist:

1: The Last Call
2: My Mind’s Eye
3: One by One
4: Sundown
5: Absent without Leave
6: The Other Side
7: Seven Keys and Nine Doors
8: Downfall
9: Glades of Summer

Sounds pretty cool, if you ask me. And if you're curious to hear the new singer, you can hear Monika (the new singer) in her other band, Sinphonia, on their Myspace page so you can hear her voice. I think she fits in with Sirenia's style. What about you guys?

Oh, I got one more thing for you. These weren't even up on the official site yet, but on Sirenia's myspace:

New band pictures!Collapse )

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